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Owning and showcasing your brilliance may not have been something you learned throughout your professional career. It may not have been emphasized in your performance reviews or leadership training. But one thing is for sure: knowing how to brand your unique brilliance to create the career and life you want is a crucial skill no woman leader should be without. If you’ve spent years in your career struggling to stand out, communicate your value, or leverage your authentic self in leadership, then it’s time to tag me in and let me help you win with your personal brand. As the creator of the Brand Your Brilliance Method™, I’ve helped countless women leaders amplify their influence and achieve their career goals. Whether you’re navigating corporate structures or building your own enterprise, I can guide you in uncovering, owning, and strategically positioning your unique brilliance.

Spend some time getting to know more about me below, and discover how we can work together to elevate your personal brand and leadership impact, no matter where you are in your professional journey.

Brand & Communication Strategist, Leadership Coach, & Career Catalyst

Felicia Davis is an award-winning leadership coach who transitioned from a 20+ year HR executive career to become the founder of the Black Women’s Collective®, author, speaker, and advisor to women leaders. She is the creator of the Brand Your Brilliance Method™ and a recognized expert in helping women leaders amplify their influence and achieve their career goals.
Felicia Davis founded the Black Women’s Collective®, a leadership empowerment company with a mission to dismantle cultural inequalities through influential communication. Through her work, she has helped thousands of Black women leaders stop dimming their light and learn to brand their brilliance while developing the skills and knowledge needed to amplify their influence and lead with authenticity.

Davis has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and other media outlets. She received the 2020 Martin Luther King “Living the Dream!” Award and has appeared as a leadership expert for multiple news outlets. With over 20 years of experience as an HR executive, Davis now works with corporations and organizations to help develop leadership programs and implement strategies that elevate Black women leaders.

With a passion for helping others build powerful personal brands, she is dedicated to empowering women and helping leaders from all walks of life achieve their full potential and create lasting impact in their careers and communities.

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Choosing to go on an adventure to elevate your brand is one of the biggest and most epic decisions you’ll ever make, but you don’t have to do it alone.

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Fun Facts About Me

I love hosting and attending intimate gatherings.

Whether it’s hosting a girlfriend gathering at my home for friends or enjoying fun nights with my family queens, intimate gatherings are my jam.

I am an introvert who loves ‘me time’.  

But I come alive when it’s time to socialize when I do say Yes, but especially when I’m speaking from the stage..

I love expressing my creativity through fashion.

It started in high school and my mom would let me get my back to school clothes custom made.

I turned down an invitation to be interviewed by Oprah.

It was during The Oprah Winfrey Show days and had no interest in being a part of a drama-filled conversation with those who accepted the invitation. (-;

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