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Unlocking The Art of Irresistible Storytelling

Saturday, June 15th . 11 am - 3pm . Scottsdale, AZ


86% say authenticity is key in supporting a brand.

81% will buy based on brand trust.

Storytelling is the key to unlocking both!

Are you ready to wield the power of storytelling and transform the way you connect with your audience?

In this provocative, one-of-a-kind workshop, you'll embark on a journey to master the art of irresistible storytelling. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a thought leader, or a change-maker, the ability to craft and deliver captivating narratives is the key to unlocking unparalleled influence and impact.

Imagine having the skills to...

• Captivate your audience from the very first word, commanding their attention and keeping them on the edge of their seats

• Compel your listeners to take meaningful action, turning them into devoted followers, loyal customers, or passionate advocates

• Convert skeptics into believers, inspiring them to embrace your vision and become champions of your cause.

This isn't your typical storytelling workshop. You'll learn proven techniques to structure your stories for maximum impact, infuse them with authentic emotion, while delivering them with reverence and unwavering confidence. I'm going to teach you  The 5 R's to Crafting a Compelling Narrative and The 3 Stories of Influence that every leader must be able to tell. Plus, we'll be diving deep into the psychology of narrative, exploring the neuroscience behind what makes stories so powerful and close the experience with a fun Shark Tank style storytelling contest. 

And the real magic unfolds when you use our Vocal Empowerment Scorecard to uncover your own unique storytelling voice - the one that resonates with your audience on the deepest level and sets you apart as a true master of communication.

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Spots in this transformative experience are limited to 12 leaders. 

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Get ready to captivate, connect and compel like never before. The future belongs to those who wield the power of irresistible storytelling.



My name is Felicia. I'm the founder of Black Women's Collective® and I have one non- negotiable mission: to help you brand your brilliance, center your wellness and get paid well while living an uncensored life! 

I spent more than two decades wielding my magic working in HR. I went from HR Assistant to HR Executive and enjoyed all of the perks that came with having a seat at the tables where big decisions were being made. It was all good until it wasn't. 

I remember the very first time that I told my story in front of an audience.  It was in October 2011 at my coach's conference just seven months after I had a serious brain injury.  She encouraged me to share my story, and I said Yes but I was nervous. I needed assistance getting on the stage and even though my voice was shaking, I shared my story anyway.  

To my surprise, there was a long line of people waiting to speak with me after my talk. Those conversations led to five new clients and I learned a very valuable lesson about the power of my voice. That experience taught me the importance of trading in perfection for connection. 

It also made way for a fully turned on and self-expressed life where I do work that I love, say Yes and No with ease and get paid well when my gift is commissioned. 

I do it with authentic expression and without code-switching, compromising or censoring and I believe you're next!


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