Hey Queen!

Branding Your Brilliance shouldn’t feel like a chore.

I’m obsessed with helping you dial up your influence and build unshakable confidence so that you never have to compromise your feminine power, sacrifice your wellness power, or diminish her earning power again.


Let’s keep it real…

You’re smart, talented and have a track record of success. It’s time to stop compromising your value.

Using my proven Brand Your Brilliance framework, I help clients cultivate their sovereignty and authentic self-expression while prioritizing their wellness. My approach empowers individuals to embrace their true selves without compromising, code-switching, or censoring who they are. Through personalized guidance, I assist clients in aligning their brand with their core values, amplifying their unique voice, and creating a powerful presence that resonates with their audience. My coaching style is rooted in experience, not theory and holistic well-being, ensuring that clients can confidently express themselves while maintaining balance and vitality in their personal and professional lives.

Embracing your authentic self starts with unveiling your true brilliance.

Everyone has a unique story to tell, and hiding your light won’t help you make the impact you’re meant to have. You’ve attempted to express yourself fully, but something always held you back. You’re frustrated and tired of not living up to your full potential.

Have you ever said this to yourself?


I have so much to offer, but I’m struggling to stand out in my industry.


I wish I had a personal branding strategy tailored to my unique strengths and vision, instead of trying to copy what works for others.

I want to express myself authentically in my business, but it feels overwhelming to figure out how to do it effectively.
I know I’m meant for something bigger, but I’m not sure how to package my expertise in a way that resonates with my ideal audience.
I want to make a real impact, but I’m afraid of being too visible or vulnerable in my branding.

It’s time to break free from the constraints of code-switching and self-censorship. Your voice matters, and your brilliance deserves to shine. With the Brand Your Brilliance framework.

Unleashing Your Authentic Brand Doesn’t Have to Be Overwhelming

I can help you implement a branding strategy that puts your true self at the forefront, instead of hiding behind what you think others want to see.


Amplify Your Brilliance

I guide you in elevating your personal brand by teaching you how to showcase your unique strengths, experiences, and values in a way that resonates with your ideal audience.


Confidence & Clarity

Become the architect of your own success by developing the skills to articulate your vision, leverage your distinctive qualities, and navigate brand challenges with assurance.


Authenticity & Alignment

Discover how to build a brand that honors your whole self and the impact you want to make, while learning to overcome self-doubt and embrace your true brilliance.

Let’s transform your brand…

Here’s how you can work with me.

Private Brand Elevation Mentoring

Group Coaching & Training

Brand Activation Experiences

Corporate Services

Meet Your Mentor

Hi, I’m Felicia Davis!

As a powerful Black woman leader, I’m on a mission to shatter limiting narratives. I believe that when we communicate with clarity, confidence, and conviction, we inspire others to step into their truth and catalyze sustainable transformation across industries.

I’m the creator of the Brand Your Brilliance framework, and I have one non-negotiable goal: to help you brand your brilliance, center your wellness, and get paid well while living an uncensored life!

For over two decades, I wielded my magic in HR, climbing from HR Assistant to HR Executive. I enjoyed the perks of having a seat at the tables where big decisions were made. But on March 31st, 2011, everything changed. That’s when my untethering and healing journey began.

This transformation paved the way for a fully turned-on, self-expressed life where I do work that I love, say Yes and No with ease, and get paid well when my gift is commissioned. I do it all without code-switching, compromising, or censoring myself.

My journey has led me to create spaces where women can unleash their limitless potential and power. Through my work, I aim to contribute to a more equitable and inclusive future, not just by inspiring, but by inciting real action and change.

I believe in the power of life-changing personal experiences grounded in radical awareness, trust, connection, courage, collective wisdom, action, purpose, and most importantly, fun. When women come together as peers, everything is possible.

Are you ready to brand your brilliance and live your uncensored life? I believe you’re next!

From our community


— Tonika Maria

I now have a much clearer idea of my personal brand story, the subtle nuances and how to pull the story together. I also have the knowledge and tools necessary to start strategically rebuilding my brand. Thank you again for creating this. Amazing, excellent professional as always!" Tonika Maria, Corporate Leader

— Davina Lyons

Working with Felicia was pivotal in my personal and business branding. I will never forget the awakening I experienced in the process because I used to lack focus, clarity and consistency that kept me stuck. Now,
thanks to Felicia's Heart-Led Methodology, I am very clear about my
Vision, Mission, Values and how I need to show up both vocally and
visibly. Felicia is the TRUTH when it come to Branding Your Brilliance and I highly recommend her." -Davina Lyons, Speaker & Educator

— Dr. Felicia Durden

After just two Power Sessions with Felicia, I was able to confidently secure my dream job as a school principal. I also gained a better perspective on my goals and assets and Felicia skillfully guided me through the process. -Dr. Felicia Durden